My Best Known Methods


On June 1st 2016 I retired after 22 years @ ASMLSee : Photo impressions of Ruuds Goodbye of ASML
I could not imagine a better alternative for this part of my career.

I have taken the chance to learn a lot, develop some own thoughts and share them with many collaegues.
However, I have no illusion about the shortlivedness of knowledge / information @ ASML
especially on our Best Known Methods (BKM). 

My BKM will be replaced tomorrow by someone elses BKM as we have hardly ASML BKM's 
(did you know "we" have 1200 BKM's in 8 systems on the net ?)

I'd like to summarise the Best Known Methods that worked for me : 
to allow you to judge what can be thrown away and what to use / rediscover after June 1st (garage sale).


I will give a number of colloquia before I leave :
  1. Pick one of the 3 identical sessions :
    March 3, 12:00 -12:30 GPTW and IT supported Collaboration
    March 3, 12:30 -13:00 GPTW and IT supported Collaboration
    March 3, 13:00 -13:30 GPTW and IT supported Collaboration
    How much room for improvement is there ? 
    Auditorium bldng 7, VhV
    ASML is a great Place to Work (GPTW). This includes IT tooling to collaborate : Sharepoint Collaboaration, MyASML, Wiki, Yammer, TCE and last but not least Netscanner.
    But at coffee machines I hear too many complaints.
    In this meeting I want to give you the opportunity to share your ideas what improvements are possible on Collaboration Tooling 
    See as well : March 17, 15-17h : IT supported Collaboration in projects, 22 years of successes and pitfalls; 
  2. Canceled due to insuffient attendance : March 10, 15-17h : What you always wanted to know about PGP; 
    Auditoriium bldng 7, VhV
    Product Generation Process (PGP) is our main process at ASML There are still some misunderstandings with newcomers AND people who work here already for years, including even management. In this colloquium the main concepts, the value and limitations of the Key Decision Process 
    are explained by the last active PGP Architect before his retirement.
  3. March 15, 15 - 16h : Modern Risk Treatment : Why and how it helps you; 
    CR VDH 08.B.00.001 (30) (FM)
    ASML deals very welll with its Risk appetite. ASMLs Risk methodology goes further than the familiar Chance Impact matrix (boter kaas en eieren) It combines Triple Cconstraint Management, Bottom up Forecast Analysis Domain and Decision support A last opportunity to hear the story from the architect and ask him questions you always wanted to ask.
  4. March 18 , 11-12h30 : IT supported Collaboration in projects, 22 years of successes and pitfalls; 
    Auditorium bldng 7, VhV
    Collaborating @ ASML has been one of our success pillars.
    We often do not realise that a large part of our collaboaration is done in shifted time,
    as we are too busy for synchrone collaboration (meetings) or work in other time zones.

    I summarise a number of great Collaboration experiences I had in the last 22 years.
    I will share my concerns on some current development and will advice colleagues on how to preserve assets.
  5. April 6; 16 -17h : My Best Known Methods in Management of non PGP projects @ ASML; 
    Auditoriium bldng 7, VhV
    We excell at ASML in PGP projects.  We are rather mediocre in non PGP projects as can be seen from the many failed non PGP projects not started, not finished, not implemented, eroded in 1/2 yr. In this colloquium we will investigate the reasons why and collect the ideas to start benefitting from the proven methods in PGP.
  6. April 14, 16 -17h : My Best Known Methods in Project Management @ ASML; 
    venue (place / room) to be announced
    Project Manager has become a honorable profession at ASML lately as a result of good initiatives (PM day)
    In this colloquium I summarise techniques that worked well for me at ASML in the last 22 years,
    how can these topics help you iso be a burden . . . 
    •    Sponsor / Stakeholder Management,
    •    Key Decisions (PGP) help you
    •    Triple Constraint Management / Project Triangle Management
    •    Risk Management 
  7. April 19 11h30 - 14h00 Volunteer fair :
    building 7
    A personal story about Vluchtelingenwerk
  8. May 30 on invitation only
    15h00 : reception and start exhibition : Show your hope 
    15h30 : Martin Voorbij : The stories behind some paintings 

    16h00 : The Risk of homeopathic dilution of the original entrepreneurial Spirit @ ASML
    venue :  to be announced
    In 22 years @ ASML I have seen the company grow from 300 to over 16.000.
    Despite this growth 
    the original ASML culture can still be observed, especially at the workfloor.
    I'll give my observations on the role ASML management plays on preserving / changing our Culture
  9. May 31, for all invited and unintentionally uninvited colleagues,
    15h00 : reception and start exhibition : Show your hope 
    15h30 : Martin Voorbij : The stories behind the paintings 
    16h00 : My Best Learned Lessons @ ASML in the last 22 years;
    venue : Plaza building 7 Veldhoven
    I like sharing but as Churchill said : "I like to learn, but I don't like to be taught".
    In this colloquium I will tell a few interesting stories from my 22 years at ASML and connect tehm with personal "lessons learned"
    My last opportunity to say something before I finally will shut up 
    16h45 : Good bye reception.

Photo Impressions of Ruuds goodbye to ASML


Ten minute Powerpoints presentations with voice over about the essentials of :  
    1. PGP, an Integral View 
    2. PGP, a Process View
    3. PGP, a Document View
    4. PGP, a Project Management View
    5. PGP, a Key Decision View 
    6. PGP Risk Treatment 
    7. PGP Risk Treatment for Projects 
    8. PGP, a Timely Supplier Involvement View
    9. PGP, a design rationale View

BKM web pages

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