France : Corsica

Corsica is my favourite Sea Kayak destination.
The spectacular scenery, the mediteranean weather, the french kitchen.............
The attractiveness of a kayak tour is often partly offset by the fact that for every paddling kilometer you must drive 3 - 6 kilometer (go back to the car at the starting point and then return to the kayaks again). On Corsica this car/kayak ratio can go up to a factor of 10 due to the partial absence of coastal roads.
Unless ......
You go from Nice to Bastia by ferry (leaving your car in Nice), paddle to Ajaccio, and take the ferry back to Nice. You have paddled the best part of Corsica without driving a km....
Corsicas west coast
is natures wonderland. Take your time to discover all of the beauty of the coastline. 
Small villages pass slowly by
Cote Sauvage
is the coast between St Florent and Calvi. Partly it is rocky and it can be very difficult to get ashore. It is a nature reserve without human inhabitants. The night before a hungry fox had kept us awake. 
is built on the cliffs overlooking Sardinia. The coast line has beatiful rock formations and the neighbourhood of Bonifacio is very abandonded. 
Bay of Porto
the surf makes our kayaks make nice priouettes
* Bay of Porto
is the crown of Corsica. When you are lucky the weather permits slow paddling along the beautiful rock formations and you can enter the numereous caves. On the photo the other side of the bay is visible. 

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