Croatia : Dalmatian Coast (Kornati park)

The Meditteranean Dalmatian Coast contains more than 600 islands often at paddling distances. Especially the Kornati Park offers exceptional possibilities for paddlers. The paddler has to deal with 2 complications : the weather can change very rapidly (the famous Bora landwind) and  there are not many places to go ashore.
Kornati Island. 
The islands in this area have an elongated form : 
some 40 km long and here and there only 50 m wide.
Kornati Islands (see map)
Mountains with very little vegatation. 
Natural beauty in a special form
. Kornati Parc
Local shower and wind approachig us.
At the background a 2 house village
Kornati Park 
Two trees gving shelter for the sun and maybe 
a place for the tent as well. 
Dogu Otok
One of the few places to disembark 
The GSM telephone adds to the safety of sea kayaking 
but can destroy the Robinson Crusoe feeling as well. 

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