The Netherlands : De Wadden

The "Wadden" are formed by a group of Islands and the surrounding sea in the North of The Netherlands. The islands lie head - tail, 5 - 10 km from the coast.
The position and the shape of the islands and sandbanks is heavily determined by the tidal currents.
The kayak is ideal to experience the beauty of this Nature Reserve.
The difference between high and low tide is about 2.5 m.
High tide at 3 am means : getting up early. 
The reward was that we were far out on the Wadden at sunrise. 


Breaking waves indicate the places where sandbanks are about to emerge.

Simonszand is an island between Schiermonnikoog and Rottumerplaat. At low tide its diameter is 5 km while at high tide the diameter can be as small as 40 m. The tidal table said : "spring tide" so we made sure that our tent was at the highest point.

* Erica
experiences that careful interpretation of the tide table and the sea map is important. 
We brought the wheels with us, so after a few kilometers we could paddle again. 

Spring tide at 1 am.
Engelsmanplaat at low tide a few kilometers wide, reduces its dry surface to a place just sufficient for our tents.

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