Norway : Lofoten / Vesteralen III

After our first vistit in 1998 we knew already : we will come back to the Lofoten / Vesteralen.
A small village in the middle of the Veteralen.
In the past the village hosted the Arctic Sea Racing.
 A Sea Kayakers Paradise : 
a labyrinth of mountaineous islands, 
with enough shelter against the winds.
View on Tinden from Sorsand, Skogsoya. 
The beach consists of fine white sand.
The Vesteralen are full of contrasts. All of a sudden we paddle from clear sunny weather into clouds at sea evel : haze.
A house in nature without direct neighbours. 
It seems to be the dream of the Norwegians.
Natural harbour for a short stop
An atmosphere dominated by the majestic dark mountains and the sunlight reflected in the dark, clear water.
Teeth brushing before going to sleep.
The midnight sun tempts us to stay awake

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