France : Normandy

Normandy is great paddling. The Atlantic Ocean narrows down to the 40 km broad channel of Calais. The tidal current can be as high as 4 knots. Better paddle in the right direction.......
The channel is one of the busiest maritime traffic ways and forbidden for Sea Kayaking. Most Sea paddlers don't worry : they really are coast paddlers.
We entered the bay of Etretat from the North side.  
Passing through a natural gate a beautiful panorama was revealed before our eyes. 
etre The large pillars of chalk stone look like huge elephant feet. The cliffs rise more than 100 m over sea level.  
Up there, hundreds of tourists walk at the edge of the cliffs. Down here it is amazingly quiet. 
etre2 The tidal hub   
is several meters here. The current forced us to return but the same way back is as a new journey. 

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