Norway : Sognfjord and Nordfjord

Norway has it all for Sea paddlers.
In the south and south west the coast consists of hundreds of small islands.
The sea penetrates the land for hundreds of kilometers : the fjords.
In the North the Lofoten (above the polar circle).

  Geiranger Fjord 
The rain had been pooring for days  (the myth is : kayakers do not mind the rain) 
And then, suddenly, the sun found a hole in the clouds, it was magic..... 
Neroy Fjord  
a fjord 20 km long and sometimes as narrow (neroy) as 100 m. The ferry passes twice a day, the rest of the time you are on your own together with an occasional seal. 
Large parts of the Aurland fjord can only be travelled by boat. The rocks rise steeply from the sea for several hundred meters.
Aurland fjord  
The water can be as flat as a mirror.  
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