Germany : Ruegen

Ruegen is an island in the Ostsee in front of the coast of North East Germany. The coast line is 200 km long. Each part of Ruegen has its own character.
In the West there is a very elongated island (car free) at some places 100 m wide, called Hidden. There is a long pine wood beach at the West side and a very interesting, undeep Laguna area (Bodden) at the East side, only reachable by kayak.
In the North there are small bath towns.
In the North East magnificient calque stone cliffs dominate the coast.
In the East you'll find long beaches where naturism is as natural as swimming.
In the middle large lakes with shelf are found.
is a 120 m high cliff. 
Every five miles the coast gives a different impression. 
* A small place for a tent can always be found at the coast. 

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