Greece : Dodecanese

The Dodecanes islands lie in the Eastern part of the Aegian Sea (in front of the Turkish coast).
We made two round trips starting at Kos :  
* Sailing a kayak  
is done here by keeping the sail up on a vertical paddle and keeping the kayak upright with another kayak. Paddling is easier...... 
and one of its traditional windmills 
* An tiny Island between Leros and Lipsi
halfway the crossing gave us the opportunity to have our lunch break
are quite willing to sell their freshly caught fish. Here a fisherman submersed himself with an air hose connected to a compressor. In this way he caught calamares.  
They taste delicious with retsina wine.
* Sun set at Pserimos
Cooking a rich greek meal (calamares, egg plant, garlic), drinking ouzo with your friends, watching the sunset, sleeping next to our kayaks....... 
we felt like Greek Gods 
That night we fished for calamaris, equiped with a line a hook and camping gaz lamp and a special reflector. We did not catch an animal but had a lot of fun.
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