Norway : Lofoten

The Lofoten is a group of Islands located in the North of Norway above the Polar circle, encompassing an area of 120 * 30 km. Due to the warm gulfstream the temperatures are relatively high. The coast is ideal for Sea Kayaking, especially around Ost Vagaya and west of Nappstraumen.
We were very lucky, the sun was shining each day of the seventeen we were paddling, no rain, no extreme winds (one in the century summer). The sun fooled us each day as it didn't set (one day we accidentely left at 4:45 am)

The Oceans are free file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/merks/My%20Documents/docs/ruudm/kayak/lofot/lofot3.htm

Views are sometimes breath taking
The water is flat, ice cold and crystal clear. The silence is only disturbed by the sound of melting water coming down.
Snow is all around, yet the sun warms our body. 
Raftsundet is a narrow passage through the mountains with peaks over 1000m high. The photo is taken at the entrance of Troll fjorden (sorry for the water drop on the lense). No through roads are present, only an occasional Ferry (Hurtigruten) passes through.
kayak float The kayak seems to float in the air  ...... 

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